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 Brief Overview
  Getting Started
   Command Line Shell
  Definition of Terms
   Database Name
   Threading Mode
  Common Concepts
   Database Engine
  SQLite Features
 The Object Orientated Interface to SQLite
 Primary ooSQLite Classes
  The ooSQLite Class
   Method Table
   null (Attribute)
   recordFormat (Attribute)
  The ooSQLiteBackup Class
   Method Table
   new (Class method)
   finished (Attribute)
   initCode (Attribute)
   lastErrCode (Attribute)
   lastErrMsg (Attribute)
   pageCount (Attribute)
   remaining (Attribute)
   saveDestConn (Attribute)
  The ooSQLiteConnection Class
   Method Table
   new (Class method)
   backupDestination (Attribute)
   closed (Attribute)
   fileName (Attribute)
   initCode (Attribute)
   lastErrCode (Attribute)
   lastErrMsg (Attribute)
   null (Attribute)
   recordFormat (Attribute)
  The ooSQLiteMutex Class
   Method Table
   new (Class method)
   closed (Attribute)
   isNull (Attribute)
  The ooSQLiteStmt Class
   Method Table
   new (Class method)
   initCode (Attribute)
   finalized (Attribute)
   lastErrCode (Attribute)
   lastErrMsg (Attribute)
   null (Attribute)
   recordFormat (Attribute)
 User Defined Extension Classes
  The ooSQLCollation Class
   new (Class method)
  The ooSQLCollationNeeded Class
   new (Class method)
  The ooSQLExtensions Class
   Method Table
   lastErrCode (Attribute)
   lastErrMsg (Attribute)
   autoBuiltin (Class method)
   autoCollationNeeded (Class method)
  The ooSQLFunction Class
   new (Class method)
  The ooSQLLibrary Class
   Method Table
   new (Class method)
   lastErrCode (Attribute)
   lastErrMsg (Attribute)
  The ooSQLPackage Class
   Method Table
   new (Class method)
   lastErrCode (Attribute)
   lastErrMsg (Attribute)
  The ooSQLResult Class
   Method Table
   blob (Class method)
  The ooSQLValue Class
   Method Table
   blob (Class method)
 The ooSQLite Constants
  All Constants Table
  Compile Time Version Constants
  ooSQLite Specific Constants
  ooSQLite Specific Result Code Constants
  Result Code Constants
  File Open Constants
  Authorizer Action Constants
  Authorizer Return Code Constants
  xAccess VFS Method Constants
  Checkpoint Operation Parameter Constants
  Configuration Option Constants
  DB Connection Configuration Constants
  DB Status Parameter Constants
  File Control Opcode Constants
  Fundamental Datatype Constants
  Device Characteristic Constants
  Run-Time Limit Constants
  File Locking Constants
  Mutex Type Constants
  xShmLock VFS Constants
  Destructor Behavior Constants
  Status Parameter Constants
  Status Parameter (stmt) Constants
  Synchronization Constants
  Text Encoding Constants
  Virtual Table Config Option Constants
  merge (Class method)
 The Classic Rexx Interface to SQLite
  Online Backup Feature
 ooSQLite Specific Functions
 ooSQLite Functions A - F
 ooSQLite Functions G - R
 ooSQLite Functions S - Z
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